Wayne’s strong position is proof that good actions are profitable in the long term. The last 25 years are proof of that. Since our inception in 1994, Wayne’s has expanded to more than one hundred coffee shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and a number of countries all around the world. Our coffee shops have two things in common: They take responsibility for people and the environment. They are also profitable businesses.

As a franchisee, you’ll become a part of a business operation that takes these tasks seriously. You will be given the chance to operate your coffee shop in a way that combines the strength of the well-known brand with our genuine care for the coffee shop experience. Down to every little detail.

Wayne’s is Sweden’s first and only KRAV labelled chain of coffee shops. And we constantly add new products and labels, such as the Rainforest Alliance label and the EU symbol for organic farming. This is proof that we take our task seriously, in a world where an increasing number of people value socially responsible companies. If you feel the same way, then Wayne’s is the right franchise chain for you.

We also believe in combining the best of two worlds in our relationship with our franchisees. At Wayne’s, we help you get off to a flying start. You contribute your investment, your business acumen and your passion for coffee. We contribute all that’s needed to create a complete coffee shop, including ongoing support on all matters related to the daily operations, marketing and other things.

Vi letar nu efter kompetenta franchisetagare som vill växa med Wayne. Tror du att du har vad som krävs? Meddela oss om ditt intresse